Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Goals

October was an odd month for me. My hip injury pretty much meant that I did very little in the way of work outs. Not working out was leaving me feeling kind of depressed. With being away for a bit than coming back for Thanksgiving, my eating hasn't been good. I've done pretty much no cooking for the entire month. So November is going to be all about getting back into the swing of things.

November Goals

1. Fix my Hip

I've been going to physio once a week for the past three weeks and there seems to be some progress. It doesn't hurt as much anymore but its still not back to normal. Physio has mostly been trying to loosen up the muscle and reducing pain but in this past week's appointment, I was giving some squat exercises to start. I've never been so excited about squats! So November's plan is to do whatever exercises my physiotherapist says to do, keep stretching and icing and hopefully getting back into running sometime this month.

2. Daily Yoga

I started daily yoga sessions about a week ago to help with my hip and I'm noticing a big difference both in how my lower body feels and just generally, my outlook. Going from working out 6 days a week to resting on the couch was not doing anything good for me mentally. Yoga is helping me feel more in tune with my body and its something I can do that doesn't hurt my hip and is actually making it better. 

3. Get my eating under control

I need to stop eating like I'm burning an extra 2000 calories a week. Healthier foods, less calories. I need to start cooking healthy meals and planning out my lunches. I could get away with treats when I was running 4 days a week, not so much now.


  1. Daily yoga!! I see from dailymile you're using yogadownload. Yay!!! What classes have you done so far?

    1. Gentle Hatha Yoga for Hips is one of my favourites! Also Power Yoga 5. I mostly stick to the 20 minute free classes as A - they're free and B - easy to fit into my schedule.