Sunday, June 23, 2013

Color Me Rad 2013

Been pretty quiet around the blog. I've had three weeks off between spring training ending and fall training starting so haven't had much to say.

Until today!

I first heard about Color Runs last year but couldn't find any in Toronto. When Color Me Rad announced a Toronto date, I was all over it and harassed a bunch of people until they said they would register with me. T

Than it sold out :(

Luckily, they opened a second day so I quickly convinced a few people to join me and we were all set. I don't think either of them were too sure about this race, but I thought it would be a ton of fun.

And it was!

Color Me Rad was held at Downsview Park and very easy to get to by subway, followed by a shuttle bus.

Sitting in the back of the bus with our crazy glasses on.
Found the rest of our group. The event seemed quite organized. My only complaint - no bag check! Seems silly for a run that's all about getting messy.

Before. We're all clean.
We had registered for the 11 a.m. wave but no one really seemed to care when you went and waves were going out about every 10 minutes so we started a bit earilier.

Waiting to start.
The run pretty much starts off like this:
Color Bomb (not my photo)
so you're already covered in the first colour.

Having fun! (My friend isn't convinced yet).

Lots of people walking this race which was alright. The event isn't timed and you're just doing to have fun. It was ridiculously hot so we took more walk breaks than we normally would - also we wanted to stay together throughout the race.

This was seriously a great way to transition from one training period to the next. No expectations, just a good fun day to remind me why I love to run.


I would do this again. Many times.

In case anyone is wondering - the colour came off my skin very easily. The buff I'm wearing kept it out of my hair for the most part. My old shoes are quite colourful now, quite like it. My shorts have a pinkish tinge to them now that might not come out. The shirt was an old cotton one that I cut the arms off. I might leave it colourful. Also - my phone was in a ziplock through the run - I took it out for pictures.


  1. Welcome back!
    And thank you for sharing this. I've been curious to read a first-hand account of a "colour run" like this!

  2. Be thankful you didn't run Saturdays race, it rained ALOT!

    Agreed its fun and would do it again :)